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Similar to the Formula car racing even airplane competition has come in vogue. Of course, this airplane competition is of recent origin. The F5B is one of the popular airplane competitions which draws considerable airplane enthusiasts from far and wide. The name F5b denotes the type of electric model aircraft which is operated by using remote control technique.

The rules of the completion are the aircraft must go as many laps as possible between two poles which are set up 150 meters apart within the flying time of 200 seconds. In addition to this, each aircraft gets 10 minutes of time for thermalling. After doing the laps the aircraft is supposed to land within the landing circle which measures 30 meters wide. The laps are counted only when the airplane is in gliding motion and it is given a maximum of 10 climbs.

Interestingly each airplane weighs just about 1500 grams of which motor itself weighs about 350 grams. The motor produces 5 HP power and attain a speed of whopping 300 km/h in just two seconds! It gains altitude of 80 meters in just two seconds. It is perhaps needless to mention the airplane is devised using the state of art technology. It is a wonderful experience to fly these miniature airplanes and enjoy its wonderful flying abilities. Some of the crucial issues that need to considered for flying these miniature airplanes are briefly discussed here.

Take off and landing: Flying this aircraft is a skill and requires some amount of training. The take off of this airplane should be decided based on the wind flow; for example if the wind is blowing from the left then you should position the airplane appropriately to make "S" shaped turn. Generally, low wind blowing from the right is considered to be ideal for this category of aircraft. The conventional procedure of takeoff was to throw the aircraft and once the helper throws the aircraft simultaneously the pilot would start doing the maneuver through the remote control mechanism. But, this requires abundant coordination between the person throwing the aircraft and the pilot taking control through the remote control unit. If there were to be any lack of coordination between them, then it would affect the flight. But, the modern technology adopted is to ask the person to throw the aircraft in the direction he likes and thereafter the pilot would take control. In this procedure there is some time lag between the person throwing the airplane and the pilot taking control and there are mechanisms which effectively help the pilot to take control of the aircraft. Similar to take off landing is another crucial issue in the aircraft. In so far as landing is concerned, you must be capable of making proper distance task points. You should not run in high speed and at the same do not switch off the battery while landing. Landing approach should be practiced time and again because landing by itself involves certain amount of technique and specialization. Remember, your winning the competition depends on the points you earn on three issues namely distance, duration and landing. Therefore you must make sure that you score as high as possible in each of these parameters.

Climbing pattern: This depend on the type of aircraft and the climbing speed. Generally it is said that 2 seconds climbing pattern is ideal for the aircraft to achieve the required altitude. It also depends on the wind velocity and the ability of the pilot to maneuver to achieve the required altitude.

Procedure of doing laps: As already said the competition involves doing laps between the poles and this is also called as distance task. The technique generally adopted is to angle the airplane at 45 to 60 degrees which help the pilot to successfully complete the lap. Of course, this depends on the speed of the airplane and again movement of the wind.

Models available: Fb5 is a powerful model airplane and therefore you must ensure that every connection is properly set. For example, receiver battery should be in power off mode, battery should be connected to ESC port, the radio should be in proper mode and all such safety measures should be scrupulously followed. The flight mode consists of speed mode, duration mode and normal mode and you must set the mode depending on the diffraction and other required parameters.

Other related issues: You must understand every utility of the software that you are using. Normally, this is called as unilog data and you must understand the radio signal portal utility, elements regarding distance task, changing the direction of the airplane particularly when it is completing the lap are some of the other essential aspects that needs to be understood thoroughly. In addition to this you must also evaluate the capacity of the motor you have installed in your airplane and the pressure it yields on the propeller. Trouble shooting: As in any other gadgets even your F5B airplane can cause certain trouble. Therefore you must understand the common trouble shooting issues and the remedies for the trouble. Fundamentally, you must not get panic when there is a trouble. Experts suggest that you must carefully study the manual and also discuss with the concerned technicians and perhaps that would help you to understand the functioning of this wonderful miniature aircraft.

As already said F5B is a wonderful airplane competition and you would certainly enjoy every minute of this event. You would enjoy not only your airplane flying but also watch other airplanes doing majestic laps. Your thrill will have no bounds if you win the competition.