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Loads of celebrities are getting interested in F5B. The interest has been sparked since it only takes two seconds to reach 300km/h, the planes climb 80m/sec in altitude, and the powerful motors produce 5 horse-powers while weighing only 350gm. The glider which makes an incredible 20G turn only weighs 1500gm and are state of the art technology equipment and require very delicate flying skills. The thrill in flying this is akin to the thrill of Foruma one auto racing!!

Bruce Jenner
Bruce owns quite a few rc helicopters that he stores in rows of shelves in his garage. In the image above, you can see him out flying the Goblin 700 in his backyard. He says that flying helicopters is not easy at all and are especially difficult because he needs to think from a different perspective. Bruce has spent hundreds of hours on a flight simulator training himself.

Jeff Dunham
Jeff has harbored a love of falying since he was a child and is extremely fond of building and flying his own kit helicopters. He has till date finished building four kit helicopters. Apart from helicopters, he is a big fan of muscle cars and actually owns a replica of the Batmobile was used in the Batman movie.

Tyler Perry
Tyler reveals on a tv show once, that what does make him happy is "taking to the sky" with his fleet of "a couple of hundred" remote control planes. He says that even though its a very expensive habit he finds it very relaxing when he takes the remote control plane off the runway, has has to focus on it and concentrate on it and finds it very difficult to think about anything else other than what is happening with that plane at that moment.